The Adventures of the Classy Chaps of Skysmark

Rainfall, Pitfalls, and Pit Fiends
Gary's Journal: 4

The storms finally stopped long enough for me to write. We are having fish for dinner now as we ready ourselves to stop another cult ritual. A lot has happened recently, I will discuss first things first.

We traveled through rough wilderness for 10 days. Heavy rainfall marred our first day and ruined our rations. We then had to scavenge for food for the next 9 days between the heaviest parts of the storms. I got bit by a snake, but Beardfist administered an anti-venom before I lost my foot. The wagon got stuck in mud, a fallen tree was blocking the road, Mohawk killed a deer with his bare hands, Cody ate some poisoned berries and got a stomach problem, Gorgash negotiated with a traveler and managed to get new waterskins for free, and we all almost died from freezing thunderstorms every day for 10 days.

Last night, I had bizarre nightmares again. I will not talk about them here.

This morning, Gorgash and Mohawk woke up with animal blood on their hands. That was weird.

We continued on the Hunter’s Road east towards New Dawn. Soon, we noticed a road block ahead. We spied those same jack-booted thugs from the copper mine. The cultists waved at us to stop. We did not stop. We sped up our riding horses and crashed right through the poorly-built fence. Two of them grabbed ahold of our wagon as the Fancy Ladies of Ashport gave chase in a larger wagon of their own.

Mohawk killed the thug clinging to his side and jumped out of the wagon to deal with the other cultists left behind. Beardfist also jumped to aid his dwarven comrade. Gorgash pinned the other thug to the wagon as it dragged his beaten body along the path.

The Fancy Ladies pulled their wagon alongside ours and launched several attacks at us. This spooked our horses and Cody lost control of the wagon. As it charged ahead, Gorgash feebly tried to negotiate with the ladies. He did not have battle in mind. They seemed convinced that they were on the wrong side and agreed to no longer harm us.

I conjured a giant cloud of ice and quickly dispatched of the remaining cultists. The Fancy Ladies grabbed a large coin bag off one of the dead thugs and returned to their wagon.

We found Marko and we all began explaining various things when a demon appeared out of nowhere, killed three Ladies, and caused two of us to try to kill the rest. That was weird.

Mohawk snapped out of the spell long enough to grab us and activate his magical time device. We appeared just before the beast appeared. We readied ourselves and ignored the chatter around us. As the nightmare materialized in our plane, our bloody work began. Greataxe, Righteous Fire, and Phantasmal Assassin struck simultaneously. The face of a truly surprised demon is priceless. He retreated to the shadows promptly.

After that, Marko directed us to rescue his son from an unholy ritual in the broken tower and the Ladies departed to another mission.

We are still taking a long rest before we depart.

~Garynndayereth Arranis Erevan

Update: We killed like a million people and skeletons. We killed a giant dog made of shadow, a man made of acid, and a necromancer. I got some cute gloves. We are about to go downstairs and talk to Marko. Oh, and Mohawk fell down a hole twice and Gorgash yelled at him. That was the best part.

What's Mine is Ours
Gary's Journal: 3

We finally got Martin to cooperate with us. He explained why he owes Sal so much gold, what that evil cult was up to summoning a giant flesh-beast. And, best of all, he came up with a solution to our problem. He knew where to get the 10,000 gold that he didn’t seem to have. Cooper.

We returned to Coopers’s house outside the mine to get the gold. We discovered the house to be nearly ransacked. The door was broken off it’s hinges, chairs were smashed and there was mud and debris everywhere. Also, there was a big orc sleeping on Cooper’s bed. I should have probably mentioned that sooner.

Mohawk sneaked inside and delivered a crushing blow with his war hammer. It would have killed any number of lesser creatures, but the orc merely bellowed in surprise and anger. Spells and axes flew in different directions. I basically scorched an entire corner of Cooper’s house. He won’t end up caring about that though; more on that later.

Cody, Hammer, and Mohawk managed to keep the brute tripped up long enough for Gorgash to wrap him up in giant rug on the floor. I don’t know if he was crazed from the battle or this is how he acts on a normal day, but what happened next no one could have forseen. Gorgash dragged the incapacitated, bloodied orc outside, shoved some of those explosive sticks in his mouth, lit the fuse and ran away. Have you ever been to the annual Year’s End celebration in Ashport when they fire those colored explosions in the night sky?

This was nothing like that.

This was terrifying and grotesque. I have nightmares about the body parts that rained upon us afterward. It was the very definition of madness.

Cody informed us that the orcs had returned to reclaim the slaves working in the mine. We quickly disposed of that threat with clever tactics and hitting them really hard in the face. We collapsed the mine with the rest of the explosives and found Cooper dying of his wounds. With his last breath, he instructed us to examine his fireplace.

After solving the easy riddle, we accidentally burned the entire house to the ground. We found an expensive looking gem just as an animal messenger from Sal came up to us and ordered us to head to New Dawn immediately. Cody and Martin showed up with a wagon led by two horses.

We stopped in Hamdale for one last time to resupply, and then we headed out on the long journey to New Dawn.

And, my shirt was off the whole time. It was breathtaking.

~Garynndayereth Arranis Erevan

Miner Inconveniences
Gary's Journal: 2

We finally got some work! I think we were all getting tired sitting around and drinking all day. Everyone except the dwarves.

I had a weird dream earlier today, but I can’t really remember all of it.

Sal sent Hammer, Mohawk, Gorgash, and me to retrieve some documents and gold from the foreman of the copper mine.

Near the mine we found Cody captured by a scouting party of Orc slavers. We rescued him and left him in the care of Mr. Cooper. I’m honestly not sure whether we can trust either of them to take care of the other. One is very naive, innocent, and scared of the everything in the world, the other is 9 years old.

Inside the mine, we discovered evidence of sabotage, zombie-worshiping cultists, and dangerous explosives more powerful than any ball of flame I could ever dream of conjuring. We didn’t save the miners trapped inside. Instead, we lead more than 30 to fall to their deaths. A battle with a giant zombie lord left us too weak to save the remaining survivors. Who knows what happened to them?

Martin managed to escape during the final battle, but we eventually found him and interrogated him. Gorgash killed a guy.

He swears that he doesn’t have the money he owes Sal so we tied him up and forgot about him. I need a nap.

I think my time in this wretched town is coming to an end. Sal and the rest of the company left to start up a new base of operations in New Dawn. I hear it’s a long journey, but I hope to reach there soon.

People often ask me how I manage to take my shirt off so quickly without also removing my cloth armor. My response is always the same: “Prehaps, magic?”

~Garynndayereth Arranis Erevan

So Bored
Gary's Journal: 1

We haven’t had a job in this stupid town in over a week. Hamdale . . . a town that lives up to its name. And, what kind of narcissistic berk names a town after himself?

I’m getting tired of sitting around with nothing to do. That shirtless dwarf is starting to smell. And, I’m pretty sure that dragon warlord is going to kill us all in our sleep. He just yells nonsense all the time. I hope I don’t have to work with him anytime soon.

Sal tells me that we’ve got more contracts in a new city. But, he also tells me that it could take weeks to get there.

Sal also thinks writing my name without the R is hilarious. It’s not a mistake if you do it 25 times throughout the contract. I did not have the patience to explain to him that GARY was not the name my parents gave me.

I can reshape the world according to my will. I can conjure flame and frost from nothing. But, I cannot make my stay in this hellish town any more exciting.

~Garynndayereth Arranis Erevan


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