The Adventures of the Classy Chaps of Skysmark

What's Mine is Ours

Gary's Journal: 3

We finally got Martin to cooperate with us. He explained why he owes Sal so much gold, what that evil cult was up to summoning a giant flesh-beast. And, best of all, he came up with a solution to our problem. He knew where to get the 10,000 gold that he didn’t seem to have. Cooper.

We returned to Coopers’s house outside the mine to get the gold. We discovered the house to be nearly ransacked. The door was broken off it’s hinges, chairs were smashed and there was mud and debris everywhere. Also, there was a big orc sleeping on Cooper’s bed. I should have probably mentioned that sooner.

Mohawk sneaked inside and delivered a crushing blow with his war hammer. It would have killed any number of lesser creatures, but the orc merely bellowed in surprise and anger. Spells and axes flew in different directions. I basically scorched an entire corner of Cooper’s house. He won’t end up caring about that though; more on that later.

Cody, Hammer, and Mohawk managed to keep the brute tripped up long enough for Gorgash to wrap him up in giant rug on the floor. I don’t know if he was crazed from the battle or this is how he acts on a normal day, but what happened next no one could have forseen. Gorgash dragged the incapacitated, bloodied orc outside, shoved some of those explosive sticks in his mouth, lit the fuse and ran away. Have you ever been to the annual Year’s End celebration in Ashport when they fire those colored explosions in the night sky?

This was nothing like that.

This was terrifying and grotesque. I have nightmares about the body parts that rained upon us afterward. It was the very definition of madness.

Cody informed us that the orcs had returned to reclaim the slaves working in the mine. We quickly disposed of that threat with clever tactics and hitting them really hard in the face. We collapsed the mine with the rest of the explosives and found Cooper dying of his wounds. With his last breath, he instructed us to examine his fireplace.

After solving the easy riddle, we accidentally burned the entire house to the ground. We found an expensive looking gem just as an animal messenger from Sal came up to us and ordered us to head to New Dawn immediately. Cody and Martin showed up with a wagon led by two horses.

We stopped in Hamdale for one last time to resupply, and then we headed out on the long journey to New Dawn.

And, my shirt was off the whole time. It was breathtaking.

~Garynndayereth Arranis Erevan



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