The Adventures of the Classy Chaps of Skysmark

So Bored

Gary's Journal: 1

We haven’t had a job in this stupid town in over a week. Hamdale . . . a town that lives up to its name. And, what kind of narcissistic berk names a town after himself?

I’m getting tired of sitting around with nothing to do. That shirtless dwarf is starting to smell. And, I’m pretty sure that dragon warlord is going to kill us all in our sleep. He just yells nonsense all the time. I hope I don’t have to work with him anytime soon.

Sal tells me that we’ve got more contracts in a new city. But, he also tells me that it could take weeks to get there.

Sal also thinks writing my name without the R is hilarious. It’s not a mistake if you do it 25 times throughout the contract. I did not have the patience to explain to him that GARY was not the name my parents gave me.

I can reshape the world according to my will. I can conjure flame and frost from nothing. But, I cannot make my stay in this hellish town any more exciting.

~Garynndayereth Arranis Erevan



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