The Adventures of the Classy Chaps of Skysmark

Miner Inconveniences

Gary's Journal: 2

We finally got some work! I think we were all getting tired sitting around and drinking all day. Everyone except the dwarves.

I had a weird dream earlier today, but I can’t really remember all of it.

Sal sent Hammer, Mohawk, Gorgash, and me to retrieve some documents and gold from the foreman of the copper mine.

Near the mine we found Cody captured by a scouting party of Orc slavers. We rescued him and left him in the care of Mr. Cooper. I’m honestly not sure whether we can trust either of them to take care of the other. One is very naive, innocent, and scared of the everything in the world, the other is 9 years old.

Inside the mine, we discovered evidence of sabotage, zombie-worshiping cultists, and dangerous explosives more powerful than any ball of flame I could ever dream of conjuring. We didn’t save the miners trapped inside. Instead, we lead more than 30 to fall to their deaths. A battle with a giant zombie lord left us too weak to save the remaining survivors. Who knows what happened to them?

Martin managed to escape during the final battle, but we eventually found him and interrogated him. Gorgash killed a guy.

He swears that he doesn’t have the money he owes Sal so we tied him up and forgot about him. I need a nap.

I think my time in this wretched town is coming to an end. Sal and the rest of the company left to start up a new base of operations in New Dawn. I hear it’s a long journey, but I hope to reach there soon.

People often ask me how I manage to take my shirt off so quickly without also removing my cloth armor. My response is always the same: “Prehaps, magic?”

~Garynndayereth Arranis Erevan


Joe. These are awesome.

Miner Inconveniences

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